• Jute is a long soft & shiny vegetable fiber which can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is also known as Hessian, Burlap & gunny in some places.

  • Simply put, as an annually replenishable cash-crop that provides livelihood to over 4 million farmers and as an extremely durable and versatile fibre, it was the raw material of choice for us. Add to this, the fact that it is bio-degradable and compostable make it an ideal way of caring for our planet and our culture. We have since diversified into other natural fabrics like cotton, canvas & jute-cotton blends.

  • Because we understand what you want and it is our constant endeavour to provide all that you care for. Innovative styles, on-time sampling, complete customization, bespoke products, value-for-money products, timely delivery and superior quality are some “givens” that you can take for granted. It is how we achieve this that is important –

    • An in-house design studio that prides itself on originality, empathy and experience.
    • One of the lowest employee turnovers in the industry
    • Community Development
    • Happy, loyal and trusting customers
    • Proper working conditions
    • Flexible working hours for all, specially for our women workers.
    • A strict NO to child labour
    • Generating as little waste and conserving as much energy as possible at every step.

  • You can get the samples simply by contacting us. However you need to provide us with your international courier account number i.e. FEDEX/UPS/DHL/TNT etc.

  • 1000 pcs

  • You can have any logo/design of your choice printed on the bag. You can also have them embroidered on the bags as per your requirement. Extra charges are applicable for the same.

  • You can e-mail the design/photo to us in a jpeg/pdf format.

  • Sure our bags can be customized so as to meet your requirements.

  • Yes the bags can be printed/dyed with colors matching your pantone shades, but PMS colors are approximate and colors will vary on this natural fiber.

  • a) The item code/index of the chosen bag.
    b) The size of the bag. (Width x Height x Gusset) Please note that there may be a slight variation in sizes during production.
    c) The color preferred and the printing specifications.
    d) The quantity required.
    e) Any other detailing that you require.

  • 50-100 bags will be packed in corrugated card board cartons. However we are ready to accommodate any of your suggestions.