CSR Activity

At Little India Exports, social responsibility is primary. The desire to bring about a positive change in people’s lives is the fuel that drives us. Beyond business, group has also taken care to initiate the growth of ancillary units, which supply the company with the finished products, in turn, the company provides them with complete financial, raw material and equipment support. The company has also been able to uplift the standard of living for many economically backward families, by providing employment to the womenfolk.

Since the company's founding, the spirit of contributing to society has been an integral part of Little India Exports. In addition to offering excellent products and services worldwide, we have strived to ensure full compliance, protect the global environment, and provide humanitarian support around the world.

We support environmental action in collaboration with voluntary and community groups. We promote energy efficiency measures and contribute to the achievement of global sustainability. We aspire to leave a healthy earth to our future generations and we are always taking steps to ensure it. We are aware that economic development doesn't matter if it is obtained at the cost of our environment. We take the following steps to ensure a healthy environment around our factories:

  • We stick to the emission norms.
  • We take care we don't pollute our air and the water resources.
  • We staunchly believe that environment and development have to co-exist, otherwise no development can be called "development."
  • We encourage green areas around are installations.
  • We are constantly educating our workers and giving incentives to them to keep the environment clean.
  • We re-cycle our wastes so that there is less strain on ecology and natural resources.
  • We periodically assess the implementation of the corporate environmental policy for review by senior management.
  • We believe that an investment for a more pure environment is an investment for the future.
Use of Green Power
Education to Children
Employment to Womenfolk